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Share your story, inspire others and connect with EF exchange students just like you by becoming an In-Country Ambassador.

Exchange is more fun when you share it!

What the program includes:

  • Fun projects, challenges & events
  • Points & rewards
  • Monthly Webchats
  • A global community of peers
  • Instagram Takeovers
  • Personal, Professional & Network growth opportunities
  • A higher chance to become a Summer Ambassador if actively involved*

*Only the more active program participants will have a higher chance, however, this does not guarantee selection

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Do you want to be part of something big?

We believe that exchange is only the first chapter in a lifetime of self-discovery and global connection. The In-Country Ambassador Program is your opportunity to continue broadening your cultural understanding of the world by joining a global community of exchange students. It’s your chance to reflect on your experiences through monthly projects, grow as an individual through professional development trainings, inspire future generations of exchange students and share your story, ideas, thoughts, perspectives & much more.

The Top 4 reasons to become an EF Ambassador:

  • Share your exchange story: continue to live the most memorable experiences of your exchange
  • Be a role model: inspire others to go on exchange & make an impact on someone else's life while making the world a better place
  • Expand your international network: enter a global & diverse community
  • Grow as a person: participate in personal & professional development activities & events

Program Resources:

  • The In-Country Ambassador HUB: Takeover spotlight, # of the month highlights, webchats info, our monthly project, the In-Country Ambassador Spotify playlist and much more
  • BrandChamp: the platform for activity submissions, points, referrals and rewards
  • The Program’s  Instagram page: @ef_incountryambassadors24

“The program has helped me to put myself out there and share my experience with the future generation of exchange students to help them prepare for their journey.”


– Martina, EF Ambassador from Italy

“I feel like I am an inspirational speaker trying to make a difference in the world. This program gave me the chance to be the change in the world.”


– Florence, EF Ambassador from Switzerland

Committed to sustainability

We voluntarily offset the carbon emissions from this (and every) experience you have with EF.